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All newly updated Jan 2012 For Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, all e Ink Kindles and all Kindle Reader apps Now with lottery results, weather, and flight status Free ebooks, Kindle Fire apps of the day, and much .Would you like to go visit websites in one or two Kindle clicks Or just one tap on Kindle Fire or K Touch, Android, iPad, iPhone, or Nook Do you want to get to Google search easily and search Bing or Yahoo too Now you can Get rid of s default bookmarks and forget those funny browser launching menus Just click the item you want on this HOMEPAGE document and the browser opens, and there they all are the REAL places to get news, sports, stock info and quotes, travelers weather, free eBooks and audio books, your Email, and latest blogs about Kindling Even shopping deals of the day.Click or tap if you have a touch screen what you want it opens immediately and you re reading This handy item turns Kindle surfing from awkward to slick It lets Kindle be like your PDA It will sit at the top of your title sorted homepage so it s always there for you You can even download free ebooks and check or buy s latest store items from it.Now includes lotteries, airline delays, celebrity news, and google and other calendars.Read what your favorite political analysts are saying this election year..Sure, you could go bookmark a bunch of sites, but these links aren t just the ordinary ones you know about All are tested to work well on your Kindle Everything is labeled, organized and arranged in flip menus for quickest use You get them all for the price of one latte.Extra special INCLUDES TIPS ON BROWSER SETUP and use tips, and what to do if it freezes up Plus all of s own help for Your particular Kindle.And More Buy this then check back once in a while for updated versions Ask for additions and we may add them You re going to love this, so get it now, you deserve it Buy the latte, too.Q Can I add my own links to these menus A No, it s a book document, so I have to do that in future editions Enter a review and suggest additions several readers asked for, so I ve added weather and lottery links in the new addition.You still can create your own additional bookmarks though once any site is open in your browser, the menu key or icon gets you to them, and there s lots of room because you won t need to keep all the unused default ones any But once you see how it s done you may want try your own version of menusQ Why did you write this A For easier and quicker browser use Actually, it s been here since 2008 because typing anything on the original Kindle was s l o w And it still is on most Kindles So many owners never tried using the built in web browser even though on a 3G Kindle it worked everywhere, when nothing else could in parking lots, on a cruise, an island, Alaska Do you have a touch screen Great This homepage still is the quickest access to particular websites, even on your new Kindle Fire.Q Why isn t there a long list of all possible websites included A Then it becomes cumbersome to find an item, and it isn t quick to use, is it But if you really want to bookmark a site we left off, so you can actually read it, or even make your very own homepage well, we tell how to do that....

Title : ..A Kindle Browser HOMEPAGE ...ONE CLICK to NEWS, GMAIL, YAHOO mail, election coverage in Kindle's browser
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..A Kindle Browser HOMEPAGE ...ONE CLICK to NEWS, GMAIL, YAHOO mail, election coverage in Kindle's browser Reviews

  • bruce
    2019-05-15 14:44

    This app does not work as advertised. It is locked on and will not change to any other page. What a disappointment. I believed the hype because it was from amazon, but I will be a lot more careful now. Money down the drain.

  • Priscilla J. Raykoske
    2019-05-11 13:25

    This is my third Kindle, but only my first Kindle Fire. I am no "Electronic Guru" , so I am taking my time discovering all of the many new operations that my new device can perform. So far, I just love everything that I have been able to use on it.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-02 14:45

    You have to play with this a lot to make it useful. The screen is very complicated and not well organized.

    2019-05-03 11:39


  • NJ Blogger
    2019-05-15 08:17

    The book does what it says. But the format is poor and some of the links no longer work. Not worth the price. You can create your own book very easily with some free tools available for converting HTML code to ".mobi" books which also work on the Kindle.

  • Jac
    2019-05-14 14:27

    A very easy to use browser homepage. I would like to see you add a link to Mega millions and Powerball results. Another very useful link that I would like to see is the weather: like Accuweather and Weatherbug!

  • M. B. Bennett
    2019-05-18 14:45

    My Review. Why is this allowed where there has been no book purchase? There is something wrong here when a review is allowed without a book purchase..... Is it just this book or is it allowed for all books? I am unable to tell because my Kindle, the sixth I have purchased, will not allow me to go anywhere other than the store. A disappointment from a product I loved...

  • Carly S.
    2019-05-24 09:29

    Neat idea, but there are a lot more popular sites I would like to see, weather information for example. Also, the sites are not optimized for kindle, so it makes navigating them pretty hard. Not sure if its worth the $2.99.